We bring movement into your production, so that your operations will not come to a standstill in the future!

With the help of our long-standing partners in drive technology, mechanical engineering and our experience, we tailor your drives perfectly to the required requirements. This optimizes maintenance and energy management and reduces future costs. This way, your existing machines can deliver top performance again in the future!


Trust is good, control is better! So that you can always set your machine optimally to your production needs and not just have to trust that everything fits, we also optimize the programming for you!

We adapt the programming to the machine in our rebuildings and newbuildings so that you can continue to be in control! Naturally, current safety standards as well as individual customer wishes are included in the development of the program. This enables you to achieve a secure production process that is perfectly tailored to the product to be produced.


The beauty is in the eye of the beholder! That’s why we always keep your visualizations and documentation as clear as possible, so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

In our documentation, we attach great importance to the clarity and always ensure that these are also clear. The same applies to the visualizations from our company. So you always have a clear picture on your control panel and intuitively understand what is hidden behind the individual buttons. That makes the operation transparent and direct.

Our main focus is

Automation Technology

About us

We have many years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of electrical equipment – especially in mechanical engineering.

By working closely with our clients, we achieve the highest possible quality in the implementation of their wishes.

Innovative and individual problem solutions are our strengths!


Our specialty is drives and controls for Paper Converting Machines such as

  • Block and Cross Bottom Bag Machines,
  • Gusseted and Two-Pocket Machines,
  • Sheeter,
  • Paper Bag Machines.

Furthermore, we are active in almost all areas of special machine construction.


1988 – 1989

Maschinenfabrik Honsel GmbH: Electrical engineer


Master in the electrical engineering trade

1989 – 1993

Maschinenfabrik Honsel GmbH, Bielefeld: Head of electrical construction

1993 – 1994

Maschinenfabrik Seydel GmbH, Bielefeld: Head of electrical construction

1994 – 2009

PCM-Krause GmbH, Bielefeld: Head of electrical construction

Since 2009

Owner of the company ASV Antriebs- u. Steuerungstechnik


Change of name to DRICONVIS Drive and Control Technology and relocation of the company headquarters to Krackser Str. 12/G11, 33659 Bielefeld

Retrofitting – Conversion

We modernize your aging machines, repair them or upgrade them so that they are state-of-the-art (retrofitting).

Among other things, this includes the replacement of old, worn mechanical drives with new generation servo drives, such as those used in register controls and punches.

This allows you to modernize older machines in your production chain and also eliminate possible spare parts problems.


Projecting & Documentation

As your reliable partner we plan and document electrical equipment and their controls in picture and text.


Conversion of non-European machinery and equipment to CE conformity with complete documentation, testing, acceptance and certification by our partner company.

Retrofit & Conversion

Eg replacement of old, worn mechanical drives with new generation servo drives.

Control cabinet construction

Construction and wiring of control cabinets, terminal boxes, enclosures and control panels.


Siemens TIA Portal and CoDeSys to IEC 61131-3.


Installation, assembly, commissioning and service at home and abroad.


Reinhold Glingener
Krackser Str. 12/G11
33659 Bielefeld

You will find us on the site of the former Textile Bleacher Windel, today’s Eco-Tech Park Windelsbleiche in Bielefeld Senne.

Phone: +49 521 94676457
Fax: +49 521 94676459
Mobile: +49 151 52588261


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